Reception department according to the triage system

Medico-Innovation Technologies

Triage (French: triage) is the process of determining the priority of providing medical care to patients depending on the severity of the condition.


The triage system is the distribution of incoming patients into groups in the reception department of a medical organization, based on the urgency and uniformity of the necessary measures (therapeutic, preventive, evacuation). Medical triage aims to provide timely care in the optimal amount to the largest possible number of patients in emergency conditions.

Regulatory requirements

In Kazakhstan, a triage system has been implemented in hospital reception areas since 2018.


Currently, the provision of emergency medical care, including with the involvement of medical aviation, is carried out in accordance with the Rules approved by the Order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 30, 2020 No. KR DSM-225/2020.

We offer

  • Advice from our highly qualified staff;

  • Individual approach to each client;

  • Optimal timing of services;

  • Provision of services in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

  • System approach based on proven procedures for all processes in accordance with ISO:9001-2015;

  • Comprehensive approach in the implementation of "turnkey projects";

  • Confidentiality of information, compliance with professional and ethical standards.

The company  "Medico-Innovation Technologies" has developed a standard design and planning solution "Admission department on the type of triage system in multiprofile hospitals".


The standard solution includes medical logistics with the necessary set of facilities to accommodate the equipment in accordance with current legal and regulatory requirements.


Highly professional planning of the equipment in the emergency department with modern, high-tech and innovative equipment ensures timely, accurate diagnosis and effective treatment in emergency situations, optimises the work of staff and the provision of medical services in other hospital wards.


Our integrated approach enables our customers to minimise the time required to initiate services, ensure timeliness, continuity and continuity at all stages of specialised medical care and follow the concept of patient-centred medicine.


The design of the clean room complex (CP) and the medical gas supply system is mandatory in order to meet the health and epidemiological requirements in the reception area.

Stages of project development

Analysis of a project to set up an emergency room at a new health care facility;
Evaluation of the facility (operating inpatient unit) with corrective recommendations;
Performing the medical-technological design of an admission ward using the triage system;
Development of a specification for medical equipment for a turnkey emergency department;
Post-warranty and maintenance service in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract;
Project implementation;
Conducting training for hospital medical staff

Examples of project implementation

Reception department. Stroke center on the basis of the Central District Hospital of Altai
Reception department. Stroke center on the basis of the Central District Hospital of Ayagoz
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